How Probate Works. A Guide for Executors, Heirs, and Families.

Where to Find Unclaimed Money 956x538 blog

Where to Find Unclaimed Money [Podcast]

(1) Former pension and retirement plans, (2) Life insurance policies, (3) Federal tax returns, (4) State departments of taxation…

Inheriting Money? Do These 5 Things First 956x538 blog

Inheriting Money? Do These 5 Things First

Expecting an inheritance windfall? You’re probably already making plans for what to do with the money. But there are a few things you can—and should—do to maximize the long-term value of your share of the estate and honor your loved one’s legacy.

out of state probate maureen

How to Probate a Will Out-of-State with Maureen Pritchard

Anthony shares the mic with his friend, Maureen Pritchard, a probate and estate attorney. Estates are always an issue to families of a decedent, and to clear things up in this area, Maureen shares her expertise with us. Listen as she answers common questions regarding probate and the decedent’s estate.