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E99 6 Reasons Being Executor is Difficult

I’ve been executor for hundreds of estates, and there’s NEVER been an “easy” estate. I can only imagine how hard it must be for grieving family.

It’s easy to see why outsourcing/delegating executorship to professionals will be a big thing very soon.

E98 Where to Save Your Money First

E98 Where to Save Your Money First

Even if your ready to be responsible and start saving,it get that it can be confusing.

Where to start? Which is more important: 401k or IRA? Here are some answers.

E97 2 Free State Colleges youtube

E97 2 Free State Colleges

Don’t stress out so much about saving for kids’ college. There are plenty of free options. Here are 2:

Anthony S. Park

Anthony S. Park

Executor, Attorney, Entrepreneur

I’m a New York executor and attorney, helping folks with estates, real estate, and inheritance.

I’m also an entrepreneur, ranging from running a factory in east Africa to local retail businesses.

I also podcast and write books, to share knowledge about how to make your legal and money matters easier.