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We represent clients from all over the world as their professional executor, trustee, or probate lawyer. Our office is located in midtown Manhattan.

What sets us apart? Our team completely manages probate cases from start to finish, leaving clients stress and worry-free. Our clients to move forward with their lives, while we handle all of the tedious details such as estate settlement, court proceedings, and distribution of assets.

Our team is skilled at working with courts, taxes, banks, and all the other bureaucracies associated with the probate process. Our relationships include real estate brokers who help to swiftly sell probate property, private bankers who assist in closing accounts, and accountants familiar with capital gains and estate tax issues.

Hiring an attorney for estate or executor can be a big decision. Our firm is fully bonded and insured for estate and executor work, meaning heirs are 100% protected in case of any mistakes or wrongdoings.

We offers several billing options, including contingent and deferred fees.

Anthony S. Park, Esq.

I enjoy the challenge of unscrambling a messy estate, and simplifying it to inheritance checks for the heirs. Must be the puzzle-lover in me.

Besides lawyering, I’ve owned businesses ranging from an H&R Block franchise to a biodiesel refinery in Africa.

Lately, I’ve been focused on my podcast and YouTube channel, and publishing best-selling Amazon books:

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I grew up and live on the Upper West Side with my wife and 2 kids. I ride Citibike everywhere, and play pickup soccer every weekend.

Practice Areas

  • Professional Executor
  • Professional Trustee
  • Probate Attorney


  • Professional Executor for over 100+ estates
  • I’ve represented clients on every continent (except Antartica!)


  • New York
  • New Jersey

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