Where to Get Letters of Administration


Where to get letters of administration in New York.

You apply for letters of administration in the county probate or Surrogate’s court where the deceased person was living at the time of their death.

So let’s do a few quick examples.

If somebody was living in the Bronx when they passed away, then that one’s pretty simple, you go to the Bronx County Surrogate Court.

If somebody was living in the Bronx but got into an accident in Manhattan and passed away in a Manhattan hospital, in that case, since he was living in the Bronx, you still go to the Bronx County Surrogate’s Court.

If that same person was living in the Bronx, but moved into hospice or rehabilitation in New York, that’s a little fuzzier, so most courts in New York will allow you to choose which county court works best for you.

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