How Long are Letters Testamentary Good for in New York?


How long are letters of administration good for in New York?

Typically six months, but it depends.

Let’s give an example.

Let’s say you’re trying to close a bank account or sell a piece of real estate that was owned by the person who passed away.

Well, the bank or the title company is going to want to see what they call, quote, “fresh” letters of administration.

And what they mean by “fresh” is they want to see that the date that the letters were issued within the past six months of when you do this transaction or close this account.

And that’s because if too much time passes, the court may have taken some action such as revoking the letters, changing the executor or something else that would mean that you no longer have the legal authority to close the account or to sell the property.

If you need fresh letters, it’s pretty simple to go down to the courthouse and pay six dollars to the cashier for a fresh set.

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