Professional Executors And Social Workers


Professional Executors and Social Workers.

Let me tell you about Susan. She’s a great social worker we work with, and she had a client in hospice care who was terminally ill.

The client needed to do his final estate planning, but he wanted to name his best friend as his executor.

Susan immediately saw this as a red flag because the client had a surviving brother and nieces and nephews who did not get along with that best friend. So she recommended that he seek an independent executor instead, and introduced him to us.

The client named me as his professional executor in his will, and when he passed away we were able to step in seamlessly and effortlessly to settle his final affairs with minimal drama and minimal costs.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your clients in hospice care, please give us a call or contact us online or on social media so that we can chat about your case.

Hope you found this helpful. Take care.

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