How We Work With Probate Real Estate Investors


How we work with probate real estate investors.

Today, I got a call from Bill. Bill is a real estate investor and he found a property that he wants to purchase. He found out that the owner died many years ago. He even found out that the sole surviving heir is a nephew who had no idea that this property existed.

Bill wants to move forward, but he doesn’t want to pay the legal costs for setting up the probate. The nephew wants to go forward and collect his inheritance, but he had no idea this thing even existed and he also doesn’t want to put up the money.

That’s where we come in. In this particular case, we’re able to accept the case with no money down and get paid at the closing table. So, this works out for everyone. Bill can do his deal without taking on additional risk, and the nephew can get his inheritance without having to scrounge up the cash to hire an attorney.

If this sounds like a situation that might be helpful to you, give us a call or ping us online. Hope you found this helpful.

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