New York Probate Will Forms


New York probate will forms.

Most probate will forms are easily available on the New York Court website.

I’ll include a link below if you’re watching this on YouTube or on our webpage:

If you’re looking for forms because you plan to try probate by yourself in sort of a do-it-yourself method, here’s just a quick word of caution.

The forms themselves are useful, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg.

Think about a complex tax return.

Yes, the forms are easily available on the IRS website, but that doesn’t really mean that you now what you’re doing or that you’ll be successful in completing a good and proper filing.

What we usually see is clients try to do probate on their own and fill out the forms by themselves, but after two, three or four rejections from the court, having wasted many, many hours, they usually realize it’s probably better off to hire an attorney and they usually wish they’d done so from the beginning.

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