E246 How to Collect MTA COVID19 Death Benefit

E246 How to Collect the MTA COVID19 Death Benefit

Did you know that heirs of Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) workers who died of COVID19 may receive a $500,000 death benefit?

When I first heard of this, I thought it was a scam. But, yes, this is real! We’ve helped families collect this benefit. Here’s how:

Who qualifies for the MTA COVID19 death benefit?

Who qualifies for the MTA COVID19 death benefit?

Any MTA employee who died of COVID19 qualifies. The MTA has already paid out over $62,000,000, which means at least 140 employees have passed away from COVID 19.

How to apply for the MTA COVID19 death benefit?

How to apply for the MTA COVID19 death benefit?

An heir can’t just apply as family member of the decedent (we’ve been hired by families that have tried). You must set up an estate and get a court-appointed executor or administrator. That court-appointed person is who must apply. An administrator is appointed for an estate without a will, and an executor is appointed for an estate with a will.

Be sure to choose wisely who you want to fill that role, because once that person is appointed, they need to know how to work with the MTA to get the claim pushed through.

It’s not easy like submitting a life insurance claim. This kind of death benefit claim is new. Anytime you are dealing with something new involving a bureaucracy, you need some force of will to get it done. From personal experience, getting the MTA death benefit can be a long, drawn-out process involving numerous emails and long hold times on the phone. But, with the right team pushing through, we have had successful outcomes for our clients.

When will the MTA COVID19 death benefit end?

When will the MTA COVID19 death benefit end?

As of this writing, it is currently extended through December 21, 2021. It could last longer, but we don’t know yet.

If you lost a loved one who was an MTA employee, you should apply for this benefit as soon as you have opened the estate. Sooner is better than later. Why? Because the MTA seems to be tightening the qualifications, making it harder to qualify. For example, an unvaccinated employee is no longer eligible. The MTA is also taking a closer look at the cause of death (did the employee die directly from COVID 19, or something else?).

Be aware: getting a court-appointed executor or administrator currently takes a few months or longer. So, start now. If you call us today to open an estate, it could be early spring before the court appoints a representative for the estate. The courts are very backed up and short-staffed.

This was a very specific blog about a specific benefit, but it is important to know about it if you think you may qualify.

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