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How to Compound Interest for Your Kids

E156 How to Compound Interest for Your Kids

I’m working on my next book about how to teach kids about money
#1 priority: make sure they understand and learn to love compounding interest!

We’ll discuss:
(1) Why compound interest is so important
(2) Why every parent should have a brokerage account for their kids
(3) Where to compound your kids’ money

Why Does Probate Take So Long_ Tax Clearance

E155 Why Does Probate Take So Long? Tax Clearance

The second most common question about probate is: why does probate take so long? Lately, one of the biggest culprits is getting tax clearance.

We’ll discuss:
(1) Why tax clearance is so important
(2) Estate tax on the 1%
(3) The IRS and the Deceased’s 1040
(4) See you next April
(4) Don’t Forget form 5495!

Estate Planning for Bitcoin

Estate Planning for Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has an estate planning problem. And it’s one of the barriers to wider cryptocurrency acceptance. Nobody wants to accumulate an asset that may disappear, often upon death.

Anthony S. Park

Anthony S. Park

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I’m also an entrepreneur, ranging from running a factory in east Africa to local retail businesses.

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