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5 Factors For Choosing An Executor In Your Will 956x538 blog

5 Factors For Choosing An Executor In Your Will

Summary: (1) Young enough, will actually accept; (2) Trustworthy, won’t blab; (3) Patient, enough free time …

How to Boost Your Career and Salary on LinkedIn (with Donna Serdula)

In this episode, Anthony welcomes Donna Serdula to the show. Donna has pioneered in the profile optimization in LinkedIn and wrote the book, LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies. She currently provides services and coaches for LinkedIn optimization. Tune in as Donna lectures us everything about LinkedIn plus the bonus resources she’s dropping at the end of the show to help us get started.

Millennials Prioritize Homebuying and Retiring Over Marriage and Kids 956x538 blog

Millennials Prioritize Homebuying Over Marriage and Kids

Bank of America’s 2018 Homebuyer Insights Report, surveyed 2,000 millennials, 23-40 years old: 80% say retirement is their priority; 72% say home ownership is their priority; Only 50% say marriage is their priority; Only 44% say having kids is their priority. Why? 47% say home ownership makes them feel “mature/responsible”; And 47% say it makes them “feel like an adult.”

Anthony S. Park

Anthony S. Park

Executor, Attorney, Entrepreneur

I’m a New York executor and attorney, helping folks with estates, real estate, and inheritance.

I’m also an entrepreneur, ranging from running a factory in east Africa to local retail businesses.

I also podcast and write books, to share knowledge about how to make your legal and money matters easier.