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Millennials Prioritize Homebuying Over Marriage and Kids

Bank of America’s 2018 Homebuyer Insights Report, surveyed 2,000 millennials, 23-40 years old: 80% say retirement is their priority; 72% say home ownership is their priority; Only 50% say marriage is their priority; Only 44% say having kids is their priority. Why? 47% say home ownership makes them feel “mature/responsible”; And 47% say it makes them “feel like an adult.”

10 Surprisingly Common Estate Planning Mistakes

10 Surprisingly Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Summary: (1) Beneficiary blunders (2) Selling property for $1 (3) Naming specific investments in your will (4) Not thinking through a well-intended gift (5) Leaving assets directly to a minor without dealing with guardianship issues (6) Not planning for the death of a beneficiary (7) Ownership mistakes and imbalances (8) Not having a residuary clause (9) Not planning for the unexpected (10) Not dealing with your own mortality

The Unique Skill you ALREADY Have to Earn a Side Income (with Latisha Styles)

In this episode, Anthony chats with Latisha Styles. Latisha is a successful coach in helping people realize their unique skills. She’s been featured in notable publications like Forbes and Business Insider. Today, she talks about the process of how she helps people realize and use their unique skills, how it’s like to work with her, and her final tips and takeaways, plus a bonus webinar so tune in until the very end!

Anthony S. Park

Anthony S. Park

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