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E223 How to Prove Paternity After Death

Earl Simmons (known as rapper “DMX”) recently passed with 11 possible non-marital children. This certainly has the potential to become a complex and interesting probate case. Are any of them heirs? How do they prove they were his kids? Can they prove it without DNA? Let’s break it down:

E222 Beneficiary Designations for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

E222 Beneficiary Designations for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One of our podcast listeners asked: “Is it possible to open a Binance account that is funded by a trust account? If so, does that by default make that particular Binance account a trust account with the beneficiaries named on the bank account that is used for funding it?”

E221 Will My Executor Serve?

When deciding whether or not to appoint me as their executor, many Solo Agers have asked: “Are you bound by contract to actually be my executor after I die? Is it guaranteed? If not, then what’s the point of researching and vetting and choosing you as my executor?”

Anthony S. Park

Anthony S. Park

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