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E327 Professional and Amateur Executor Cost the Same

E327 Professional and Amateur Executors Cost the Same

How much does a professional executor cost? Most people are surprised to learn that executor fees are the same whether you choose an experienced professional or your unemployed nephew who has lots of spare time. When people realize that they are paying the same cost, they will probably choose a professional executor.

E326 Why Not a Deadman’s Switch for Bitcoin Inheritance

E326 Why Not a Deadman’s Switch for Bitcoin Inheritance?

A deadman’s switch is a seemingly elegant and trustless solution for bitcoin inheritance. But if you think it through, it currently has too many problems to work securely.

E325 Do You Need a Lawyer to Make a Will

E325 Do You Need a Lawyer to Make a Will?

No, we’re not aware of any state that requires a lawyer to make your will. We do nonetheless recommend that our Solo Agers at least hire a lawyer to supervise the signing. Here’s why:

Anthony S. Park

Anthony S. Park

Executor, Attorney, Entrepreneur

I’m a New York executor and attorney, helping folks with estates, real estate, and inheritance.

I’m also an entrepreneur, ranging from running a factory in east Africa to local retail businesses.

I also podcast and write books, to share knowledge about how to make your legal and money matters easier.