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6 Times It's Actually Smarter to Buy a New Home Before Selling the Old 956x538 blog

6 Times It’s Actually Smarter to Buy a New Home Before Selling the Old [Podcast]

(1) You’re buying in a seller’s market, (2) You want to remodel your new home (or your old one), (3) You have kids, (4) You’re downsizing…

How do I make sure my life insurance payout gets handled correctly for my kids_ 956x538 blog

How Do I Make Sure My Life Insurance Payout Gets Handled Correctly for My Kids?

A Q&A podcast with Maureen Pritchard, estate planning attorney. Here are the listener questions Maureen answers:

12 Things New Homeowners Should Do ASAP 956x538 blog

12 Things New Homeowners Should Do ASAP

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you walk into your first home for the first time as a new homeowner. You’ve probably been planning all the things you’re going to do as soon as you move in—paint the walls, change up the window treatments, buy the perfect furniture for your new living room.


But before you jump into those exciting projects, there are a few things you should do before you tackle anything else to develop good homeowner habits and spare yourself some heartache later on.

Anthony S. Park

Anthony S. Park

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I’m also an entrepreneur, ranging from running a factory in east Africa to local retail businesses.

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