How to Obtain Letters Testamentary in New York


How to obtain letters testamentary in New York.

The first two things you’ll need are the original will and an original death certificate.

Next, you’ll need to collect the family tree information and contact information for the next of kin.

The New York probate process requires that we notify all next of kin, even if the will cuts them out.

We have to collect signed waver court forms from all next of kin or if anyone refuses to sign or is non-responsive, you’ll have to set a court date.

Finally, you’ll have to pay a filing fee, which ranges from $215 to $1,250 based on the size of the estate.

Oh, one more thing.

Usually it’s the named executor who’s preparing this package, but if for some reason somebody else is applying for letters testamentary, then we also have to notify the nominated executor.

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