How to Get Letters of Administration


How to get letters of administration, here’s a quick and general overview of the process.

First, you’ll need an original death certificate and a copy of the funeral bill, showing that it’s been paid in full.

Then you’ll need the surviving family tree, because they are the folks who are most likely to inherit, and you need a way to notify them.

Next, you’ll need a list of assets and debts, including any bank accounts, life insurance, real estate or any credit cards or mortgages.

These don’t have to be exact figures, but you need to have some general sense.

The court won’t accept big question marks, blanks or “to be determined.”

Lastly, whoever’s applying to be the administrator must have excellent credit, because the court is probably going to require a bond, or insurance policy, which is usually only issued to those with great credit.

If that’s a problem, you can hire a professional executor to serve as administrator instead.

Hope you find this helpful. Take care now.

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