How Do I Make Sure My Life Insurance Payout Gets Handled Correctly for My Kids?

How do I make sure my life insurance payout gets handled correctly for my kids_ 956x538 blog

A Q&A podcast with Maureen Pritchard, estate planning attorneyHere are the listener questions Maureen answers:

  1. “[Do I just] assign/designate guardians with separated responsibilities plus a will?”
  2. “Is it better to have a trust where the insurance money gets deposited and designate the smarty cousin as trustee?”
  3. “I assume i have to designate the trust as the beneficiary of the life insurance?”
  4. “Does it matter whether it is irrevocable/revocable?”
  5. “Can the trust be nearly empty the whole time?”
  6. “Are there any other alternatives?”
  7. “If the costs of setting up the different options can be vastly different, under what circumstances should someone choose the more expensive (and presumably more complex) option? And when does it not matter?”

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