Easier Changes To Your Will


Easier changes to your will.

Look, I agree, it’s ridiculous how much it costs and how much effort it takes to make very simple changes to your will, so let’s brainstorm some ideas of how to make this a better process and a better experience for you.

So number one, for certain categories of changes, say, when you’re just changing the name of your executor or the order of your guardians, those are the types of changes that don’t necessarily need a thorough review from an attorney, so let’s find a simpler way to make those changes.

And how about the signing ceremony? Maybe one way of reducing the cost of that would be to do them in groups.

So you lose the privacy and intimacy of having a one on one private signing ceremony with your attorney, but instead you sort of crowdsource it or co-op it with a group of your friends or a large group of clients.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and whether or not you’d be interested. Let’s work together to improve this.

Hope you found this helpful.

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