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New York Probate Lawyer: Contingent and Deferred Fees

Looking for a New York Probate Lawyer?

Have you realized your case is more complicated than you first thought, especially if you don’t live in New York?

Here are just a few examples of when you need a top New York Probate Lawyer on your side:

  • Problems getting Letters Testamentary
  • Need a bond for Letters of Administration
  • Evict someone to sell Deceased’s real estate
  • Deal with foreclosure, violations, etc. to sell real estate
  • Deceased died years ago, estate is a mess
  • Contest a will or trust
  • Need to prove you’re related (kinship) and should inherit

If you’ve done your research, you know that for complex probate cases, a top-notch New York Probate Attorney typically requires a $5,000-7,500 retainer (up-front payment).

So you may be asking yourself:

“How will I pay for my lawyer?”

Most of us don’t have that sort of extra cash just lying around. And you do not want to settle for an “ok” lawyer.

If any of these apply to you, you’re in the right place:

  • We accept deferred fees, no retainer required, we get paid from the estate
  • We also accept contingent fees: no retainer, we only get paid if we win for you
  • We’ve represented hundreds of heirs over the past 20+ years
  • Our clients are heirs from New York, out-of-state, and even overseas
  • We untangle the messiest estates, and turn them into final inheritance checks

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Key Benefits

No Retainer to Start

We know over 50% of Americans don’t have even $2,000 to pay an emergency bill. That’s why we offer contingent and deferred fees, no retainer required.

Complete Probate Process

Family conflict? Can’t qualify for a bond? Will or kinship contest? We’ll get you through any complicated probate situation, and to the finish line of your inheritance check.

Access to the Best

Don’t settle. You deserve a top attorney to help you through a complex probate. Especially if you’re against someone with a high-priced lawyer.

What Others Are Saying

“I’m living from check to check, and you allowed me to still fight my case putting down zero and paying you at the end. You’re very kind, and everything that you said was exactly how it played out. So, I would definitely highly recommend you, absolutely.”

“I was originally dealing with a shaky attorney who didn’t know what he was doing, so I was scared to hire someone else. I’m thankful I found you and fixed the other attorney’s mistakes, and finally got my share of my father’s estate”

Key Numbers


US: No Retainer. We Accept Deferred and Contingent Fees


THEM: Typical Retainer Fee for a Complex Probate

$10 million+

US: Total Inheritance Checks Delivered to Our Heirs

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Sign-up for your complimentary consultation using the form above, and I’ll be happy to email you a free chapter from Anthony’s best-selling bookHow Probate Works.”

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