How do I make sure my life insurance payout gets handled correctly for my kids_ 956x538 blog

How Do I Make Sure My Life Insurance Payout Gets Handled Correctly for My Kids?

A Q&A podcast with Maureen Pritchard, estate planning attorney. Here are the listener questions Maureen answers:

5 Unexpected Ways Life Insurance Can Help Your Family After You Die 956x538 blog

5 Unexpected Ways Life Insurance Can Help Your Family After You Die

Summary: (1) If You Haven’t Paid off Your House, (2) If You Co-Signed Loans or Credit Cards, (3) If You Racked up Unexpected Medical Bills…

Free Retirement Money: 401ks and IRAs (with Jason Lee)

In this episode, Anthony welcomes Jason Lee, a financial planner extraordinaire who helps people in retirement and other financial plannings. Jason joins Anthony today to explain what retirement plans are and their benefits to you — including the 401K, the IRA, and the Roth IRA. Listen as they talk about every bit of information you need to know about your retirement plan, how you can maximize them, and what strategies you can do in using your benefits.

Ultimate 529 College Saving Guide (with Mark Willis)

In this episode, Anthony interviews Mark Willis. Mark is a Certified Financial Planner, a bestselling author, the host of the award-winning podcast, Not Your Average Financial Podcast, and the owner of Lake Growth Financial Services. He specializes in late-stage college savings planning and today he shares how to pay for college without going broke.

How Even Millennials Can Retire (with Benjamin Brandt)

In this episode, Anthony welcomes Benjamin Brandt to the show. Benjamin is a Certified Financial Planner and the Founder/President of Capital City Wealth Management, a Bismarck, North Dakota fee-only financial planning company. Listen Ben educates with his tips and as he answers questions on retirement for millennials.

term life faqs jason

Term Life Insurance FAQs Answered by Lifer Jason Lee

In this episode, Anthony interviews his friend Jason Lee, an insurance and financial advisor. Jason has been in the insurance industry for almost 12 years after taking over his father’s business in 2007. Today, he walks us through life insurance and answers common questions people ask regarding it, including, the difference in term and whole life insurance, the pros and cons of both, when to buy an insurance, and a lot more. Tune in as he and Anthony give you, our listeners, the information you need to know before getting an insurance.