How to Buy Your Perfect First Home. What every first-time homebuyer needs to know.

How to Buy a House in Your 20s 956x538 blog

How to Buy a House in Your 20s

Summary: (1) Save for a down payment; (2) Shore up student loan debt; (3) Check your credit score…

8 Things Parents Wish They'd Checked Before Buying Their House 956x538 blog

8 Things Parents Wish They’d Checked Before Buying Their House

Summary: (1) Bedroom placement; (2) Sidewalks; (3) An open floor plan; (4) Easy sightlines to the backyard…

11 Mortifying Home Buyer Behaviors That Make Real Estate Agents Cringe 956x538 blog

11 Mortifying Home Buyer Behaviors That Make Real Estate Agents Cringe

Summary: … (2) You broke something in a seller’s home, (3) You were late … for the umpteenth time, (4) You ripped up the carpets to see what was underneath…

5 Colossal Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make 956x538 blog

5 Colossal Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Summary: (1) Finding a Home Before Getting Pre-Approved; (2) Do Not Use All Your Money on Down Payment; (3) Buying a Home is SO MUCH MORE Than the Monthly Payment…

11 Things Everyone Starting The Home-Buying Process Needs To Know 956x538 blog

11 Things Everyone Starting The Home-Buying Process Needs To Know

Summary: (1) Avoid making big financial changes right before buying a home; (2) Take the time to get to know the neighborhood; (3) Make a point to learn property lines; (4) Schools matter — even if you don’t have kids…

Millennials Prioritize Homebuying and Retiring Over Marriage and Kids 956x538 blog

Millennials Prioritize Homebuying Over Marriage and Kids

Bank of America’s 2018 Homebuyer Insights Report, surveyed 2,000 millennials, 23-40 years old: 80% say retirement is their priority; 72% say home ownership is their priority; Only 50% say marriage is their priority; Only 44% say having kids is their priority. Why? 47% say home ownership makes them feel “mature/responsible”; And 47% say it makes them “feel like an adult.”

5 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall

Less Competition ( Summer and Spring much busier real estate markets)
Motivated Sellers (Often, off-season sellers must sell for a reason)
Service Providers Have More Time for You (Less busy means better service for you)
The Weather… Need we say more? (Nice a cool, no drenched sweating between open houses)
End of the Year Sales (Think Black Friday or Cyber Monday for furniture, appliances)

Homebuying Tips with Brit Foshee

Anthony chats with Brit Foshee, an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history investing in both real estate and small business with an emphasis on multifamily assets. Tune in as Brit walks us through how he started with $8,000 just after the housing crisis to reach the real estate success he currently has now.

First Time Home Buyers Guide with Maggie Ross

Anthony interviews Maggie Ross, one of the top real estate agents in Brooklyn and Manhattan for over the past decade. Apart from being an agent, Maggie is also a licensed lawyer. Listen as she talks about everything you need to know when buying your first home. With Anthony, Maggie walks us through how people decide on purchasing a home, what factors are to consider, what role seasonality plays in the market when buying or selling, what are the possible location differences, budgets and costs.

bought short sale saved 60000

How Dave Bought His Home By Short Sale and Saved $60,000

In this episode, Anthony interviews his friend Dave, who recently closed on the purchase of a new home via short sale in just 8 weeks and saving $60,000. Dave has been in the real estate industry for 15 years with a 2-year property management start. Today, he talks about his short sale experience — how it was for him, what processes and steps he went through to close at 8 weeks, and his overall thoughts on the ups and downs of short sales.