E76 8 Most Expensive Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

E76 8 Most Expensive Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Yes, we entrepreneurs are leaner and meaner that big corporations. But don’t make the mistake of cutting corners with legal advice, such DIY forms and googling the law. Legal mistakes have a tendency to be very expensive. So my friend and colleague Laura Cowan will share her 8 tips on how to avoid them.

E75 4 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant 1920x1080 YouTube thumb

E75 4 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Do you want more business? That big promotion? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in corporate, you should have a virtual assistant. There is so many things you could be doing to grow your business or advance your career, IF you have enough time.

How to Podcast in New York (or any big city) 956x538 blog

How to Podcast in New York (or any big city)

Living in New York is … unique. And podcasting in the Big Apple is no exception. A few friends recently asked for tips on starting their own podcasts. And since I’ve been doing my personal finance podcast, “Simple Money Wins,” for awhile, here’s a write-up of how I podcast.

How to Start Your Side Hustle (with Tracey Minutolo)

On today’s episode I am joined by Tracey Minutolo. We will be talking about how she coaches and helps others in addition to her knowledge and advice around starting a side hustle and succeeding in her business.

How Millennials Make Side Money (with Amanda Abella)

In this episode, Anthony chats with Amanda Abella. Amanda is a digital marketing consultant to small businesses and startups. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and Business Insider, among many other well-known publications. She’s built an online community of over 30,000 people. She’s also the author of, Make Money Your Honey. Listen as Amanda lists down ways on how you can use your knowledge and skills to earn money online.

The Unique Skill you ALREADY Have to Earn a Side Income (with Latisha Styles)

In this episode, Anthony chats with Latisha Styles. Latisha is a successful coach in helping people realize their unique skills. She’s been featured in notable publications like Forbes and Business Insider. Today, she talks about the process of how she helps people realize and use their unique skills, how it’s like to work with her, and her final tips and takeaways, plus a bonus webinar so tune in until the very end!

How to Earn Money Doing Voice Impressions (with Allen Jones)

In this episode, Anthony welcomes Allen Jones. Allen monetizes his ability to do voice impressions and today, he shares with us his talent in voice acting, his career, and the ways he monetizes this talent through Fiverr and other platforms.

How to Blog Your Way Out of Corporate (with Eric Rosenberg)

In this episode, Anthony shares the mic with Eric Rosenberg. Escaping corporate life with a side hustle is probably the dream of most people — how is this possible, what options there might be, and how to go about it are probably some of the few questions to answer. Today, Eric shares his personal journey in leaving his position as a senior financial analyst to become a home-based freelance writer.

How to Negotiate Like a Mindreader (with Jonathan Pritchard)

Jonathan Pritchard joins Anthony for this episode. Jonathan has been traveling the world and entertaining audiences as a Mentalist, even appearing on America’s Got Talent. He now offers consulting services as the communication skills he has perfected through his line of work are transferable and beneficial to businesses and individuals alike. We hear about Jonathan’s beginnings, his television appearances, explanations of mentalism with specific examples, and who Jonathan can help.

Beginner’s Guide to Making Money on Twitter (with Jennifer Longworth)

Anthony chats with Jennifer Longworth, a Twitter pro. She works as a coach for entrepreneurs and individuals to help them start on Twitter and help them monetize through it. Listen as Jennifer shares a lot of value in explaining Twitter chats – how to find and use them, tools you can use for your Twitter account, and how to market yourself on the platform.