Can I Change My Will Myself?


Can I change my will by myself?

You probably shouldn’t.

We get this question a lot and it’s usually a very simple change, changing one executor or swapping out one guardian, but think back to when you first signed your will.

There were two witnesses standing by and your attorney was making you repeat certain language to make sure that you understood the seriousness that you were publishing and declaring this to be your will.

All those same procedures have to take place again for any change you make to your plan.

So please do not whip our your BIC pen and scratch out changes onto your very, very carefully planned out documents thinking that that will be enough to make the change.

At best, your changes won’t take effect, and at worst you may actually invalidate your existing plan.

Next time I’ll talk about how you should go about updating your will and we’ll also brainstorm about some alternative solutions to make things a little easier for you.

Hope you found this helpful, take care.

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