13 Reasons First-Time Homebuyers May Regret Their Big Purchase

13 Reasons First-Time Homebuyers May Regret Their Big Purchase 956x538 blog

  1. They Focused On Investing, Not Living
  2. They’d Rather Have Experiences Over Mortgages
  3. They Didn’t Know How The Process Works
  4. They Bought Out Of FOMO
  5. They Didn’t Run The Numbers Before They Bought
  6. They Were Looking For Instant Results
  7. They Underestimated The Work Involved
  8. They Didn’t Do Their Homework
  9. They Felt Tied Down To One Location After Buying
  10. The Home Didn’t Fit Their Lifestyle
  11. They Didn’t Have Sufficient Education From An Agent
  12. They Made One Or More Common Homebuying Mistakes
  13. It Didn’t “Feel Like Home”

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